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Stranger in Paradise

We had listened to the song on the radio one day, And decided that it would be the theme for our writing project. Our story, our words Were developed around the song’s lyrics. We thought of Las Vegas, A perfect place of paradise, Because of the brilliant sun in the middle of December, Or just […]

The Twelve Days of July

On the first night of July, Rain whiplashing the roof top I woke up with a rhythm in my head Like the sleepy jazzy blues of winter. On the second day of July Rainy day and Monday Wet garden smelling like a river Turtle doves lingering in the pine tree. On the third day of […]


6AM: Get out of bed The sun has already glittered the canyons TV anchorman: “It will be another hot day” Make my own rainbow through the window crack With the shower stream Don’t know why I bother putting on lipstick The coffee will wash it out anyway “Good day Mom. Good day Dad” Turn off […]

Staying with the Now

I do not know why I like to take pictures so much, From the pelting-down rain on the shiny street, To the deep wrinkles of the blue mountains, Or the red sea where it blends into earth. I look out the window at dusk, When the days part, and the stars seem to be swimming […]

Miami Rain

I heard it will be raining here next week. As it has been every weekend of last month “It never rains in Southern California,” they said “But when it rains, it pours.” All day, all week, sometimes even all month, like one February, some years ago. I miss the short rains in Miami- thunderstorms, our […]

“It’s foggy this morning”

for my Mom In those early foggy mornings, I woke up Like clockwork, you woke up with me Fixed your hair to a bun, you sat up The noise from the key chain hung by your bed The “cling clang clung ,” I would hear In those early foggy mornings, I went downstairs Like clockwork, […]

When I Think of You

  When I think of you, I think of the early morning market From the window, way before sunrise. The old street vendor with her big barrel Engulfing the skin-and-bone hunch back. Her soft shivering voice: “Fresh fish, fresh shrimps” Then off she phased into the foggy road. When I think of you, I think […]

How do you write poems to a poet?

For Springpoem How do you write poems to a poet? To let the words appear on paper, or the computer screen, in fact, so when your eyes absorb the lines, all the colors, the shapes and the sizes travel to your neurons, axons and dendrites, carried by all the synapses to your heart, where my love, […]