Staying with the Now

I do not know why I like to take pictures so much,
From the pelting-down rain on the shiny street,
To the deep wrinkles of the blue mountains,
Or the red sea where it blends into earth.
I look out the window at dusk,
When the days part, and the stars seem to be swimming in water.
I want to hold on to the bright light filling up my room,
When the lantern moon hangs over the tree top.

I want to capture your laughter if I could.
Or it could just be because I have no patience
For anything that could take more than a minute.
Nothing longer than just a swift of wind,
Like a soft memory caressing my face,
But not a long dreaded pain,
Or the never ending road ahead.

Nothing clinging, nothing wrenching.
Staying with the now,
The world safe in my heart.