Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Twelve Days of July

On the first night of July, Rain whiplashing the roof top I woke up with a rhythm in my head Like the sleepy jazzy blues of winter. On the second day of July Rainy day and Monday Wet garden smelling like a river Turtle doves lingering in the pine tree. On the third day of […]

For the Absent One

Until the last moments, and even at the last, I hoped you’d be a blessing, a miracle, really, and appear at my wedding, even when all attempts to reach you, to reach the divides of our family, to reach your heart and bring it home had failed. The wedding went perfectly even without you, everyone […]


6AM: Get out of bed The sun has already glittered the canyons TV anchorman: “It will be another hot day” Make my own rainbow through the window crack With the shower stream Don’t know why I bother putting on lipstick The coffee will wash it out anyway “Good day Mom. Good day Dad” Turn off […]