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On Your Birthday

Today, is your birthday, you would’ve been ninety four years old, our Earth still completing its orbit around you on this day, your love still a shining sun in all the lives you touched, still as bright as the light this morning, the star shining your glowing memory into my eyes, through our plants you […]

The Narrator

For my father You are not in many of the family videos, you were always the one to record the Christmas Eve dinners that you, yourself, most likely cooked, or the first time we built a huge snowman in the cold Thanksgiving desert snow of Albuquerque. But your voice always narrated the scene, giving us […]

How Many

I must confess, I am no parent, I do not know the pain parents go through when losing their blood. I must confess, I did not watch the news of Sandy Hook, I talked about it with my mom on gchat briefly, I must confess I looked it up on Google News afterwards. 26 dead, […]

The Cut

You had cut your hand in college, At the sinews of your knuckle. We had gone to see you before then, for the play That you were in. That’s how you cut your hand, I think Carving props for your play. I can’t remember if we took you to the hospital Or if we met […]

The Message

I had sent a reminder to the family, you included, to try to win a home in Miami, our old home, the family’s roots, and still central core, to try to win a way back home, to try to win you back home. But my email sent to you had bounced back, your address had […]

For the Absent One

Until the last moments, and even at the last, I hoped you’d be a blessing, a miracle, really, and appear at my wedding, even when all attempts to reach you, to reach the divides of our family, to reach your heart and bring it home had failed. The wedding went perfectly even without you, everyone […]

The Christmas Video

We were searching through the old family videos of us, searching for an image of you, your voice, your old humor. We found one, it was Christmas Eve in Miami, with everyone opening gifts, just after our big feast. We were all in good spirits, everyone wanted a chance at the camera, except for you. […]

What Brings Me

  There are times when I feel hollow of happiness, but even then, at my darkest hour, our bonds bring me back, and I take in you again, filling up full of the world, our world, and how much there is to love.

Skeleton Man

I had a dream of drums, red paint on the cave walls of a man, low chanting of some foreign tongue. I was trapped in my sleep, my heart becoming hollow, beating hard, my body thinner, shrinking fast, my flesh becoming the flesh of the painted man, the skeleton man, or perhaps, it was his […]

Drawing Lines

E____ had said at the shower that as a child I had been quite the artist – a fact that I never gave myself much credit for as it was a skill I had long stopped crafting. Remembering why I stopped, I believe it was because my common fear is and was that I regress, […]