On Your Birthday

Today, is your birthday,
you would’ve been
ninety four years old,
our Earth still completing
its orbit around you
on this day,
your love still a shining sun
in all the lives you touched,
still as bright as the light
this morning,
the star shining your glowing memory
into my eyes,
through our plants
you would’ve watered,
through the glass
you would’ve cleaned,
through the garden
you would’ve loved watching,
the wild birds chirping,
and flying to the seeds we leave,
just as you would’ve left.

Those birds are you,
just as the little bugs that fly
when we think of you,
you are of flying Nature now,
your nature to love all life,
as sure as the sun
shines its love each day,
pulling in the Earth towards its warmth,
keeping its universe in loving order.