How do you write poems to a poet?

For Springpoem

How do you write poems to a poet?
To let the words appear on paper,
or the computer screen, in fact,
so when your eyes absorb the lines,
all the colors, the shapes and the sizes
travel to your neurons, axons and dendrites,
carried by all the synapses to your heart,
where my love, my thoughts, my feelings
mix into a passionate painting,
like Starry Night, Sun Flowers or the Irises.

How do you write poems to a poet?
Because you see,
my words are limited.
There are only images in my brain,
my left is stronger than my right,
when you are the opposite,
while your words are vast like ocean,
mine like a tiny puddle of rain.

How do you write poems to a poet?
Gather all the words I know,
hoping for a big storm,
the puddle grows into a lake,
flows my words like a river
that carries me to you
through the white waves
to the open sea.



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