Settling Down

Here’s a poem I wrote this morning based on a recent discussion:

Settling Down

We were discussing homes,
and settling down,
I wanted to see the future
paved down with smooth school roads,
and carpools with loud kids,
with afterschool soccer practices.
You, were not opposed to it,
but the idea of committing
to just one safe, flat
future, I think, so soon,
scared you.
You, deep down, I think,
still wanted the risk of youth,
to make a name for yourself
in the world,
to take chances with a venture,
or adventure
to new places, like Greece, New Zealand,
and Japan.
I think it came from
your mostly stable youth.
I, always wanted
days that I could count on
to know what would happen,
small, but modestly happy days.
A quiet kind of life,
where I would get to be
a quiet kind of wife.

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