“It’s foggy this morning”

for my Mom

In those early foggy mornings, I woke up
Like clockwork, you woke up with me
Fixed your hair to a bun, you sat up
The noise from the key chain hung by your bed
The “cling clang clung ,” I would hear

In those early foggy mornings, I went downstairs
Like clockwork, you walked down with me
Your slow feet thumping, step by step
In the dark, you held on to the rail
Behind you, impatiently, I waited

In those early foggy mornings, I got up
Like clockwork, you made a pot of coffee
“Stop by the store to get more milk”
Or “No more salad for dinner, you know”
A quick conversation over breakfast, you would say

In those early foggy mornings, I walked out the door
Like clockwork, you stood by the window
“Drive carefully…where’s your jacket?”
“Do not worry” I used to snap
It was cold, and I was angry
And lonely, and sad
For things I didn’t even know

In those early foggy mornings, I went to work
Like clockwork, you said goodbye
But no more mention how to dress, how to drive
“It’s foggy this morning” that’s all you said
Your shadow in the dark, I went my way

I watered your plant early this morning
The fog has condensed into water droplets
Dripping on the white flowers and the leaves
It has been in full bloom all summer
All I wish was you could see

So it’s foggy again this morning, you know
Just like that morning we took you to the sea…