In the nights

This is another poem from this past weekend, when I was forcing myself to be productive…or at least do something while staying up ridiculously late at night.  I think it’s somewhat meandering, but people seem to like this one:

For the past week,
in the nights,
I have risen from our bed
for some reason or another
as sure as the moon
reflects the sun’s day
and shines in awakening
to the darkness
of restless thoughts.

You try to calm me down
from my excitement.
talking to me of willow trees
with leaves whispering through the winds,
counting sheep,
holding me still,
so that I do not cycle into the bleakness
of my spiraling thoughts,
and reflect, or brood, whatever have you,
upon the darkness that surrounds us.

But your arms cannot hold me back
from what I cannot escape –
Nature, or my nature, whatever have you.
But I compromise,
I do not dwell in the black,
but seek the glow of this screen,
and although awakened to the darkness,
to dispel them through
reflecting upon the bright spots of my day
and to write of the night’s light.