Monthly Archives: May 2012

The Christmas Video

We were searching through the old family videos of us, searching for an image of you, your voice, your old humor. We found one, it was Christmas Eve in Miami, with everyone opening gifts, just after our big feast. We were all in good spirits, everyone wanted a chance at the camera, except for you. […]

What Brings Me

  There are times when I feel hollow of happiness, but even then, at my darkest hour, our bonds bring me back, and I take in you again, filling up full of the world, our world, and how much there is to love.

Skeleton Man

I had a dream of drums, red paint on the cave walls of a man, low chanting of some foreign tongue. I was trapped in my sleep, my heart becoming hollow, beating hard, my body thinner, shrinking fast, my flesh becoming the flesh of the painted man, the skeleton man, or perhaps, it was his […]

Drawing Lines

E____ had said at the shower that as a child I had been quite the artist – a fact that I never gave myself much credit for as it was a skill I had long stopped crafting. Remembering why I stopped, I believe it was because my common fear is and was that I regress, […]

The Loon

We are back in our old home, your old home, and once again, I wake up to the cries of the loon. The sounds always make me think of the story you told my mother, and who then told me, that the loon was lost, and looking for its mother. It matches the mornings of […]