Drawing Lines

E____ had said at the shower
that as a child
I had been quite the artist –
a fact that I never gave
myself much credit for
as it was a skill
I had long stopped crafting.
Remembering why I stopped,
I believe it was because
my common fear is and was
that I regress, or at least
get stuck
in everything.

You could see it
in the lines I drew,
they were Van Gogh like
sketch marks,
without the dazzling artistry,
brief, broken diagonal steps.
I couldn’t draw a straight
for the life of me.
My pencil always
wavered with uncertainty
of the end point,
wavered with uncertainty
of committing to
narrow arrow progress.

One Comment

  • Mama
    Posted May 10, 2012 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    Straight line is not hard to draw. Don’t look around too much since one can always get distracted. Just aim and shoot.
    Not too much different from driving ya know. If keep looking toward the right, you’ll find yourself driving toward the right and same to the left!
    Lovely poem like always 🙂