For the Frustrated One

When you were young,
you were angry,
or impatient, I should say,
with foolishness,
and b.s.
Growing up,
and even in my adult life,
I am still growing up,
you were and are still impatient
with me, more frequently back then,
than now, but still so at times,
you are impatient
for me
to see the bigger issues,
for me to face my fears,
from letting myself
hold me back.
Looking back,
I understand now
that you were just expecting
more of me,that you knew I
and the world were capable of
your ideals of us.
Your frustration
with me,
with others, was
you letting me know
you weren’t giving up
on helping me,
or the world,
but that you were tired
of us blocking our paths
to true growth
with foolishness,
and b.s.