The Tape

Supposedly, somewhere,
there is a tape of me
when I was three
talking, and singing.
I think I sung from Snow White
which I saw in either the
re-release, or on tape,
or else, the on ice version,
I can’t say which,
but I was singing the
I’m wishing song,
the one where
Snow White sings
by the wishing well.

In the background,
you can be heard,
praising me,
saying your usual
compliments to all
the grandchildren,
“Very good, very good,”
in your Vietnamese accent,
that shaped your American speech
from English words
you learned through reading.

It’s the only record
of your voice
in existence now,
but we’ve long since lost
this tape of you.
Like you,
the tape has since become
a fond echo
from our family well
of love and memories.

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  • Anh
    Posted April 15, 2012 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    lovely poem 🙂