Monthly Archives: April 2012

Miami Rain

I heard it will be raining here next week. As it has been every weekend of last month “It never rains in Southern California,” they said “But when it rains, it pours.” All day, all week, sometimes even all month, like one February, some years ago. I miss the short rains in Miami- thunderstorms, our […]


It’s the morning of our departure. You’re smiling; relieved, I think, at the stress of family being gone. We’re in the driveway, and your door has been left open. Murphy, that big black, checkered shepherd, comes bounding out, bounding to get lost if we don’t find him soon. I forget who, I think Mom, suggests […]


You were talking about camping at your old cabin with your sister on the drive to Bayfield. You were recounting how you used to make small hearths of stone and sticks. Small fires, for a small boy. When you grew up, you devoted yourself to your passions. building code, exploring imaginary worlds, loving family. You […]

“It’s foggy this morning”

for my Mom In those early foggy mornings, I woke up Like clockwork, you woke up with me Fixed your hair to a bun, you sat up The noise from the key chain hung by your bed The “cling clang clung ,” I would hear In those early foggy mornings, I went downstairs Like clockwork, […]

The Mosaic

We were seeing Venice, St. Mark’s Basilica to be exact. We were admiring the mosaics, so many tiny shattered pieces creating into something greater than its broken parts, something beautiful. It made me think of our family, up close, we were a mosaic of broken truths creating a portrait of a fractured family. But with […]